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Driver Development

At Bacton we take the health, wellbeing and development of all our staff very seriously. However, we feel that drivers in particular are a precious and often undervalued resource, who do difficult, sedentary and sometimes stressful jobs. We try to offer support for our drivers in a number of ways:

  • Driver development. Through the use of Mandata telematics, we can help drivers to develop their driving skills and hone their on-road behaviours so that they are safer and less stressed by the rigours of being in daily traffic.
  • All of our drivers must stick to their legal time limits and take regular breaks. However, beyond this we prioritise driver welfare by encouraging proper rest, healthy eating and the importance of good hydration.
  • We have a health and safety welfare group which meets regularly and spends a considerable amount of time on exploring ways that we keep our drivers healthy and fulfilled.

“Once people join Bacton, they stay with Bacton. And I think that’s because we care.”

Charles Downie, MD